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May 2009

The information on this page is organized into two broad categories to make it easier to find what you are looking for; Career Ladder Participation and Training Approval System. Scroll completely down the page to view all of the data.

Career Ladder Participation 

Since January 2004 

  • 83 Career Ladder level increases due to completion of higher education degrees 

2009 Calendar Year (as of May 31, 2009): 

  • 368 new participants since January 2009
  • 258 renewals processed since January 2009 

As of May 31, 2009:

  • 960 current participants (includes ECE trainers) 


Current participants by level:

Career Ladder LevelNumber Within Each LevelPercentage of Total Participation   
Certificate of Participation:*  161.67%
Level 123124.09%
Level 2240 25.03%
Level 311912.41%
Level 410110.52%
Level 5148  15.43%
Level 698 10.22%
Level 770.73%
* Individuals placed at this level have applied for Career Ladder placement but have
not yet accumulated 1000 hours of direct experience in the field of ECE.   


Current participants by job type/classification:

Job Type/ClassificationNumber Within Each TypePercentage of Total   
Direct Service
(Director, Lead/Asst. Teacher,
Family Home Care Provider, etc.)
Indirect Service
(Early Childhood Trainer, Program Administrator, Higher Education Faculty, etc.)
(Unemployed, Student, Not Working in ECE, etc.) 

Training Approval System 

Training Statistics: 

Since October 2004

  • 16,852 trainings approved 
  • 43,708 hours of training offered statewide 

2009 Calendar Year (as of May 31, 2009): 

  • 1876 trainings approved since January 2009


Approved trainings by Core Knowledge Area: 

Core Knowledge Area Number of Trainings Approved  
Human Growth and Development174
Positive Interactions and Guidance258
Observation and Assessment40
Environment and Curriculum 454
Health, Nutrition and Safety734
Leadership and Professional Development80
Family and Community Relationships 95
Management and Administration41 

Trainer Statistics: 

As of May 31, 2009: 

  • 618 active registered trainers and sponsors
  • 288 registered ECE trainers 


Career Ladder levels of ECE trainers:

Career Ladder LevelNumber Within
Each Level 
Level 117
Level 261
Level 338
Level 442
Level 566
Level 670
Level 73