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2013 Program Statistics

Click on the links below and/or to the left to view the monthly listing of some of the most frequently requested program statistics related to Career Ladder participation and the Training Approval System. Monthly reports are organized in reverse-chronological order beginning with the most recent month first.


Changes to monthly report format beginning in 2013:

As of May 2013, a new section titled "A Closer Look at Career Ladder Levels" was added to the Current Members by Level section and includes:

  • The total number of members with an Associate's degree or higher (regardless of level), including the percentage of those with an ECE degree versus a Non-ECE degree.

  • The level placement of members with a Non-ECE degree. 

  • The percentage of members without a degree, but with some college.

As of August 2013, the Current Members by Level table was modified in the following ways:

  • Career Ladder levels were broken down to display the sub-levels within each level (i.e., 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, and so on)
  • Members at the "Certificate of Participation" pre-level were disaggregated from the total number of members without an ECE degree and/or qualifying criteria to place at their degreed level. Members at this level could potentially have some formal education and training that isn't currently reflected in this level.

In addition, a new section titled "Career Ladder Level Increases" was added to the Current Members by Level section to highlight Career Ladder advancement within the membership. The total number of increases as well as the factors contributing to Career Ladder level changes is included.

As of December 2013:

  • Only thsoe trainers meeting new criteria that was implemented in June 2013 are reflected in the Trainer Statistics section of monthly reports. (Trainers must submit an updated trainer agreement and complete an online training in adult learning principles in order to be considered “registered”.) As a result, the number of registered trainers at the end of December is much lower than the total reported in previous months of the year. 
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