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Registry Vision, Mission and Goals


Nevada’s Early Care and Education professionals are empowered, well-educated, highly-skilled, valued, respected, and equitably compensated.



The Nevada Registry supports and empowers Early Care and Education (ECE) professionals in Nevada to promote high quality Early Care and Education through recognition, professional development and educational growth.



The Nevada Registry strives to:

  • Raise the status of the ECE profession by honoring and recognizing the professional achievements of those working in the field
  • Promote professional development
  • Help ECE professionals achieve greater respect and appreciation for their invaluable work with young children
  • Empower Nevada’s providers to take responsibility for improving the quality of Early Care and Education
  • Promote the achievement of state and national standards in Early Care and Education
  • Encourage personal responsibility for actively pursuing professional and educational goals
  • Identify and document professional achievement
  • Collaborate with and unite partners to promote the vision, mission and goals of The Nevada Registry