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Annual Program Reports

The Nevada Registry publishes a membership and training approval system report in order to provide a snapshot of Registry members and approved trainers at various points in time. These reports highlight the composition and characteristics of Nevada’s Early Care and Education (ECE) workforce and allow for comparison of how the membership population changes or stays the same as more of the workforce becomes active in the program, as new quality initiatives and mandates are put into place, and as we as an industry are impacted by a changing economic climate. The information provided in each report is used to help guide the development of future Registry programs and services.

We invite you to review our past reports and experience a little bit of The Nevada Registry’s history for yourself. As you peruse the pages you will get a glimpse into the journey that has taken us beyond mandatory participation and will quickly discover how our membership, and Nevada’s ECE workforce as a whole, has grown and changed over time.

Please feel free to contact our office if you have any questions and/or feedback about the annual reports.

10 Year Special Edition!

*Reports are now published every other fiscal year beginning with the FY17 report. The next report will be published in the Fall/Winter of 2019.