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Tip of the Week (Trainers): Approval Status Emails

Training approval requests can be submitted via fax, email or regular mail. Regardless of your method of submission, all communication regarding requests is conducted via email and involves a 2-step process*.

  1. An email confirming that your request has been received by our office will be sent within 2 business days of when you submitted it (could take longer for our office to receive if you are mailing your request). If you don’t receive this email, first check your junk mail/spam folder. If there isn’t an email from The Nevada Registry in your mailbox, contact our office to ensure that we received what you sent.
  2. An email confirming the approval status of your request (approved or denied) will be issued within 3 business days of the date it was entered into our system (i.e., the date the first email was sent to you). If you do not receive it, contact our office to check on the status of your request. It is each trainer’s responsibility to ensure that an approval code has been issued BEFORE advertising a training as Registry-approved and especially before conducting a training. 
*2 separate emails are sent for new requests. A single email containing the approval code will be sent for duplicate/repeat trainings. 

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