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Going to a national conference or out of state training?

In a joint effort with child care licensing, the Registry has developed a list of ECE trainings that Licensing will automatically accept without a Registry-issued approval code or letter. 

What this means is that you can participate in any of the listed trainings and present your certificate of completion to Licensing without submitting it for approval through the Registry.  In no way does this list supersede the existing training approval process for what is deemed “traditional” child care training in Nevada (i.e., workshops and training being offered in-state).

NOTE: Any training that does not appear on this list must be approved by the Registry and receive a Registry-issued approval code or letter in order to be valid and eligible for child care training hours.

The majority of training you take is subject to the training approval process!


 List of automatically accepted ECE trainings

Visit the online calendar to locate Registry-approved trainings in your area.