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What training is available for staff under 18 years of age?

As per NAC 432A.306 Requirements for caretakers, a qualified caretaker must be no less than 16 years old, able to summon help and emotionally and physically qualified to carry out a program which places emphasis on the development of children.  If under age 18, the person must have completed, or be currently enrolled in a Child Development Course which is approved by The Nevada Registry.  Not more that 50% of caretakers can be under age 18 and someone over age 18 must be on the premises during all hours of operation.


What is considered a “course in the development of children” for caregivers who are under 18? 

The course must be approved by The Nevada Registry for the purpose of satisfying this requirement.  Licensing currently accepts the following: 

  1. Child Development courses offered in High School. 
  2. 6 hours of Registry-approved training in Child Development. The requirement can be met by completing any combination of Child Development courses so long as the total hours is 6. For example, a caregiver could take six 1-hour trainings, two 3-hour trainings, three 2-hour trainings and so on. A minimum of 3 of the required 6 hours must be completed within the first 90 days of employment. The additional 3 hours must be completed within the 90 days or individual must be enrolled in a course and have completion date approved by Child Care Licensing if completion date is longer than 90 days. 

Registry-approved trainings in Child Development can be found on the training calendar by searching in several different ways:

  • To find 3-hour Registry-approved trainings in Child Development, select “Child Development/Guidance & Discipline” from the Initial Training Requirements dropdown list.
  • To find Child Development trainings shorter in length, select “Human Growth and Development” from the Core Knowledge Area dropdown list. 
  • To find additional independent study options for Child Development, select “Internet Course” or “Correspondence Course” from the Online and Distance Learning Options dropdown menu AND “Child Development/Guidance & Discipline” from the Initial Training Requirements dropdown list.