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General Approval Policies

The training approval system is continually evolving and must remain responsive to the needs of the workforce, while at the same time ensuring that policies are consistent, clear and aligned with the State child care licensing regulations. As a result, it is necessary for the Registry to occasionally implement new approval criteria, revise the existing criteria, or clarify criteria.

The information below is not a comprehensive explanation of the training approval process; rather it is simply a highlight of the most significant changes that have occurred over the last several years.

For more information about training approval, feel free to contact The Nevada Regsitry. 

Please note that a new and improved training approval system is in effect as of January 2017. As a result, many of the previous general approval policies may no longer apply and/or may have been modified. Information has been left on this page for historical purposes. Please refer to the most current information regarding training approval on the For Trainers page of the website and/or contact The Nevada Registry for more information.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Approval Policy  

Caregivers working in facilities that care for infants 12 months and younger are required to complete training in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) as part of the initial training required within the first 90 days of employment. This is a medically-based topic that, as per Registry policy, must be taught by a licensed health care provider or someone otherwise certified/specialized in the topic. As of January 2017, Early Childhood Trainers who have completed the Train the Trainer - Reducing the Risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) course offered by the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension – Las Vegas and/or The Children’s Cabinet are also authorized to submit this training for approval. Trainers who have been certified to train as a SIDS instructor by an agency other than those listed can also provide training in this topic*. In all cases, documentation verifying licensure or instructor certification status is required prior to approval consideration.

*Taking a college course about SIDS or attending a SIDS workshop will not be accepted as verification of instructor certification. The course must be specifically targeted toward strategies for teaching the topic to adult learners and must result in a certification of some sort.  

New Training Approval Policy Regarding In-Home Training and Updated Trainer Agreement

As of January 1, 2015, the Registry will no longer approve training that occurs in the private residences of registered trainers. This decision is based on the potential health, safety and liability risks that are present when individuals are invited into the private home of a trainer. Trainers who have traditionally conducted training in their homes can still provide training, so long as it occurs in a public location. Numerous training location alternatives are available; often at low or no cost, such as libraries, community centers, churches, child care facilities, etc.

The Ethical Obligations, Responsibilites and Professional Expectations for Registered Trainers agreement has been updated to reflect this change. Current trainers will not be required to resubmit a signed agreement at this time; however, all individuals registering as trainers from this point forward will be required to sign the updated form (dated August 2014) at the time of registration.

Updated Ethical Obligations, Responsibilities and Professional Expectations for Registered Trainers

The revised trainer agreement, dated March 2013, outlines the updated ethical obligations, responsibilities and professional expectations for all registered trainers participating in The Nevada Registry’s training approval system. Going forward, each person wishing to continue as a registered trainer with The Nevada Registry and/or to register for the first time is required to sign this agreement as part of the registration process (regardless of whether that individual is self-employed, providing training as a function of their job, or being sponsored by an agency to provide training). Trainers will be asked to sign an updated agreement each time revisions are made.  As of June 1, 2013, training approval requests will be considered only when an updated and signed agreement is on file. Please note that failure to submit a signed agreement by June 1st will result in the cancellation of all previously approved trainings in your account scheduled to occur after June 1, 2013.

Download the updated Ethical Obligations, Responsibilities and Professional Expectations for Registered Trainers
Adopted March 2013

Please note that there is now only one agreement for trainers and sponsoring agencies and that this version replaces all previously signed versions. 

Posted March 2013   

Adult Learning Principles Training Requirement for Registered Trainers/Sponsors

All registered trainers/sponsors are required to complete an online course in adult learning principles titled, “PROF101: Adult Learning: Theories and Strategies for Trainers and Directors”, offered by the Child Care Education Institute (CCEI) by June 1, 2013. Once implemented, all individuals offering Registry-approved training must fulfill this requirement in order to continue to utilize the training approval system regardless of the length of time registered with the Registry, trainer type (ECE-trainer, Non-ECE trainer, trainers who are conducting training as part of their job, trainers who are being sponsored by an agency to offer training on an ongoing basis, etc.), previous experience as a trainer and/or previous training/education in adult learning. Alternative training such as previously completed training on adult learning, college courses, etc. will not be accepted in lieu of completing this course.

Posted February 2013, updated March 2013

Two Week Submission Policy

As of October 1, 2012, ALL training approval requests, whether by fax, email or phone, must be submitted two weeks in advance of the date of the training within regular business hours (Monday - Friday, 7:30 am - 4:30 pm). Please plan ahead and submit your requests accordingly. Requests submitted outside of this timeframe will not be accepted/approved.

Posted August 2012 

Child Care Training Hours for Trainers

Because providing training is viewed differently from attending training, trainers cannot receive child care training hours for the training they provide, and cannot count hours spent providing training toward his/her annual training hours required by licensing.  Trainers should not sign in on the attendance sheet (which creates an inaccurate attendance count), nor should they issue a Certificate of Completion to themselves for the training (i.e., a person cannot be a trainer and an attendee at the same training).

Posted August 2011 

Bloodborne Pathogens Training

As per Licensing regulation 432A.308 (Adopted Regulation R112-06), training in Bloodborne Pathogens must be taught by a licensed health care professional or a representative of a licensed health care agency or clinic (or someone otherwise trained and certified in the topic). 

Posted April 2009  

New Policy Regarding Asthma and Allergy Training

Due to the seriousness of the content of this particular training, coupled with the medical nature of the topic, the Registry has developed a new policy that requires this training to be provided by a licensed health care provider or a representative of a licensed health care agency or clinic (or someone otherwise trained and certified in the topic).  

Posted April 2009

Registered Sponsor Agreement - Adopted

An agreement similar to the Registered Trainer Agreement has been adopted as of May 1, 2007. The agreement was mailed directly to each registered sponsor and must be returned by June 15, 2007. Training approval requests will be considered only when a signed form is on file. 

Posted May 2007 

Registered Trainer Agreement - Adopted

To prevent potential misuses of the Registry’s training approval system, The Nevada Registry Advisory Committee has developed policies and procedures specifically related to the expectations of registered trainers who utilize the training approval system. These expectations are presented in the form of an agreement that all trainers are required to sign. It is the Registry's hope to lessen the likelihood of system misuses by clearly outlining the expectations for trainers, the potential consequences for inappropriate uses of the system as well as the procedures to follow when there is a change in an approved event. The agreement was mailed directly to each trainer’s home address in December 2006 and must be returned by January 15, 2007. Training approval requests will be considered only when a signed agreement is on file. View the National Association for the Education of Young Children's Code of Ethical Conduct for Early Childhood Adult Educators referenced in the trainer agreement.  

Posted December 2006

Policy Regarding Email Addresses

Effectively immediately, all registered trainers must provide and maintain an active, individual email address (i.e., an email address that has been registered to your name) with each training approval request. Approval codes will be sent directly to the registered trainer’s individual email only. General company email addresses that are assigned to and/or utilized by more than one employee will no longer be accepted (i.e., Please feel free to continue to use your personal company email if you have one (i.e., If an individual other than the trainer will be responsible for creating the Certificates of Completion, collecting sign-in sheets, etc., it is the responsibility of the trainer to supply the necessary information to that person.  

Posted September 2006

Basic Orientation Training

As per guidance received from the State Child Care Licensing Bureau, the Registry will not approve training that is specific to the policies and procedures (basic orientation) of a center for child care training hours.

The basis for this decision has to do with the requirements that the state has outlined related to the orientation of new staff versus the initial and ongoing training requirements for staff (orientation to the policies and procedures is a basic requirement under NAC 432A.320 but is not part of the training requirements outlined under the regulations for initial and ongoing training requirements). The policies and procedures implemented by a center related to the operations of the facility, employee expectations, enrollment procedures, etc. are seen a separate and distinct responsibilities for directors. While the information is certainly important for new staff and required by the regulations, the content isn't specifically related to providing services to children and therefore cannot be approved for child care training hours.

Posted March 2006

Trainers with Expired Registry Certificates

Important: Training approval requests will not be processed for trainers with expired Career Ladder Certificates of Achievement (applies to ECE Trainers). Be sure to renew and update your career development file immediately upon receipt of your Renewal Notice to avoid any unnecessary delays in the approval process. 

Posted December 2005 

Credit for Attendance

In an effort to help everyone make the best use of training time, The Nevada Registry is immediately implementing the following training attendance and credit policy: To receive credit for attending a training, it is imperative that attendees be present at the training for the entire scheduled timeframe. If the accumulated time out of class* extends beyond 15 minutes total, then no class credit should be granted. (Approval codes are specific to the number of hours approved and cannot be adjusted for partial attendance). *"Time out of class” includes late arrivals, extended breaks and early departures. 

Posted December 2005

Certificates of Completion

Trainers must provide a Certificate of Completion to each attendee at the conclusion of each training event. To ensure that participants receive appropriate credit for attendance, please state on the certificate that the training has been approved by The Nevada Registry. Also include the number of child care training hours as well as the Registry approval code. Download an editable version of the sample certificate (Microsoft Word document). Please feel free to use this sample as a template and modify it as you see fit. 

Posted December 2005

Attendance/Sign-In Sheets

The Registry asks that all trainers use a standardized form to track workshop participation and attendance. Attendance sheets must be submitted to The Nevada Registry within 7 days after the training event by mail or by fax. Mail to: 240 S. Rock Boulevard, Ste. #143 Reno, NV 89502 or Fax to: (775) 857-3158. Download an editable version of the Training Attendance/Sign-In Sheet (Microsoft Word document).

Posted December 2005