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Child Care Licensing Regulations Related to CCDBG Health and Safety Topics

State Child Care Licensing Regulations NRS and NAC Chapter 432A – Services and Facilities for Care of Children include specific regulations related to four of the five newly required CCDBG health and safety training topics. Taken directly from those sources and reviewed/approved by State Child Care Licensing, those regulations have been broken down by topic and are outlined in the links below. While the information is current as of the listed publish date, it is subject to change. It is considered the responsibility of all employees working in licensed facilities to stay abreast of changes in the regulations. 

Trainers are encouraged to use these resources to develop training and to distribute copies to training participants to reinforce the information that has been delivered. Click on the links below for a complete listing of regulations pertaining to the topics listed below. 

  • Topic 1: Building and Physical Premises Safety including the Storage and Handling of Bio-Contaminants and Hazardous Materials
  • Topic 2: Emergency Preparedness and Response Planning Resulting from a Natural or Man-Made Event
  • Topic 3: Medication Administration and the Prevention of and Response to Food and Other Allergies in the Child Care Environment
  • Topic 4: Prevention of Shaken Baby Syndrome and Abusive Head Trauma (no current regulations exist regarding SBS)
  • Topic 5: Transportation and Field Trip Safety in the Early Childhood Environment