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Training Approval FAQs

This page has been broken down into two sections to help you easily find the answers to the questions you may have regarding the training approval system. Please refer to the Trainer Criteria Q&A page for answers to specific questions regarding the trainer qualification process.


Section 1: Training Content Approval Guidelines:

Frequently asked questions about the format/content of a training.

Section 2: Training Acceptance Guidelines:

Frequently asked questions about the types of training eligible for training hours.



Section 1: Training Content Approval Guidelines

What if I am offering the same training several times through the year?

It is required that you obtain a unique approval code each time your training is offered, even when you are repeating the same training that has already been approved by the Registry. Simply log into your User Portal and select "Duplicate a Training" from your list of options. A new approval code will be issued immediately upon submission/approval. 


How can I advertise my trainings?  

The Registry maintains an online statewide calendar of training events that is available by visiting the Training Calendar on this website. Each time you receive an approval code for a training you are offering, and when that training is open to the public, your training is automatically added to the training calendar and can be viewed by anyone who has access to the internet. This is a great way to advertise your training events for FREE, to let ECE practitioners know what training is available to meet their professional development needs, and to help the Registry track the training that is being offered on a statewide basis! 


What if the training I am offering covers more than one CKA?

The Registry realizes that many trainings are comprehensive and can cover a variety of topics within a single training event. However, in order to capture the types of trainings that are being offered on a statewide basis and to determine how they fit into Nevada's identified Core Knowledge Areas (CKA), it is necessary for trainers to select only one CKA that will be the primary focus of the training. Categorizing training by CKA will help our state identify areas of strength, gaps in training information, and can help guide future training development so that we may ensure that a broad spectrum of training is available for professionals across our state.  


What if the training is less than one hour in length?

Training approval criteria has been established in order to guide the Registry in making consistent approval decisions. The Registry is unable to make an exception to this criteria and will only approve training that is one hour or more in length (when all other approval criteria has also been met). 


Section 2: Training Acceptance Guidelines 

Can I receive training hours for the trainings I provide?

No. Because providing training is viewed differently than attending training, trainers cannot receive child care training hours for the training they provide and cannot count hours spent providing training toward his/her annual training hours required by licensing.  Trainers should not sign in on the attendance sheet (which creates an inaccurate attendance count), nor should they issue a Certificate of Completion to themselves for the training (i.e., a person cannot be a trainer and an attendee at the same training).


I received a flyer from an organization offering independent study trainings (correspondence courses, internet course, etc.). It says that all courses are approved for hours in most states. Can I assume these courses are approved by the Registry? 

No! Even if an agency has submitted their self study materials for approval by the Registry, there is no guarantee that ALL of their offered trainings have been accepted/approved. As with ALL training, you should refer to the Registry's online training calendar to determine whether a course you are interested in taking has been approved. Don't assume that hours will be accepted by Licensing just because the course is listed on a flyer sent by the organization and/or their website. If a training doesn't appear on the training calendar, it's not approved!   


Can I receive training hours for implementing ideas obtained from curriculum books I've purchased? 

The Registry is occasionally asked whether hours can be obtained for implementing curriculum. The answer to this question is no; the Registry does not issue child care training hours for the implementation of curriculum. Implementing curriculum is viewed as a function of your job in Early Care and Education and outside the bounds of what is considered "training". In most cases, curriculum books and materials are discovered via the internet, the library, a store, a colleague or through some other means. In most cases, the material is read through and activities are implemented. There typically is not any type of feedback offered from the author of the materials, any "assignments" or activities that assess whether the activities are being implemented correctly, and there generally isn't a standardized way to grant hours for reading/researching curriculum philosophies and ideas (a certificate isn't typically issued by anyone). Though the Registry has been made aware of several companies advertising that hours can be earned when purchasing their curriculum books, these companies and their products have not been approved by the Registry; in most cases, they are selling a product, not offering training. This is not to be confused with training that is offered by a trainer in a traditional classroom setting. In this case, the Registry will approve training that is focused on curriculum ideas, etc.; the difference being that is it being offered in person with the intent to teach caregivers how to implement the ideas presented. The main goal is not to sell a product.  


Can I receive training hours for a book and/or video that I've purchased or checked out from the library? 

The Registry does not grant training hours for reading a stand alone book and/or for viewing a video ("stand alone" meaning a material that is not part of a training, not being offered by an organization as a correspondence course, etc.. Most commonly, stand alone books and videos are found at local libraries). The approval of such materials was discontinued when the Registry took on the training approval system in October 2004. Since that time, hundreds of non-traditional (self-paced, independent study) options have been posted to the online calendar of training; all of which have gone through the approval process and are tied to the issuance of a certificate for completion of a set of predetermined requirements.