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Training Approval System (TAS) Advisory Workgroup

The Nevada Registry's Training Approval System (TAS) Advisory Workgroup was created to help guide the ongoing development of The Nevada Registry’s newly implemented trainer criteria, approval and qualification process. 

The work of the TAS Advisory Workgroup includes, but is not be limited to:

  • Assisting in the development of alternative processes for obtaining experience delivering training to adults; 
  • Further defining the requalification/renewal criteria;  
  • Assisting with the development of a training program for new trainers and mentoring program for existing trainers;
  • Exploring other components of the new and improved training approval system related to quality assurance (i.e., evaluation, observations, etc.);
  • Creating an evaluation process for approved trainers to evaluate the Training Approval System annually; and
  • Providing overall support to The Nevada Registry in the community related to trainer criteria.

Workgroup Composition

The TAS Advisory Workgroup is comprised of members representing The Nevada Registry (staff), The Nevada Registry Advisory Committee, the Registry Advisory Committee Trainer Criteria Workgroup and specific sectors of the trainer community and Early Childhood workforce in Nevada. Appointed members of the workgroup were all approved as trainers in 2017 under the new trainer qualification and approval criteria and were selected through an application process. 

Workgroup Timeline/Commitment

The TAS Advisory Workgroup began its work in August 2017 and was originally slated to conclude in December 2019. Because there is still more work to be completed related to the original scope of work identified in 2017, the original workgroup has been extended through 2020. Further extensions will be decided upon in Fall 2020.


2017-2020 Workgroup Members 


Shelly Nye - Program Director
Member Category: Staff
Employer: The Nevada Registry
Joetta Forsty - Registry Specialist
Member Category: Staff
Employer: The Nevada Registry

Selected through an application process.

John Cregg
Member Cateogry: NevAEYC (appointed in 2019 due to vacancy)
Employer: NevAEYC
Diane Heiseler
Member Category: Licensed Practitioner/Topic Trainer
Employer: Self Employed
Julie Houchins
Member Category: Support Service Provider
Employer: United Way of Southern Nevada
Evelyn Knight
Member Category: Center Director - RURAL
Employer: Zoo'n Around 
Stacey Joyner
Member Category: B-3 Committee Member
Employer: Nevada Department of Education
Tiffany Olivas
Member Category: Funding Agency Representative
Employer: Nevada Department of Education, Office of Early Learning and Development
LeAn Shelton
Member Category: Center Director - URBAN/Reno
Employer: University of Nevada - Reno, Child & Family Research Center
Tina Springmeyer
Member Category: Early Childhood Advisory Committee (ECAC) Member
Employer: Washoe County School District
Shunica Stiles (appointed in 2019 due to vacancy)
Member Category: QRIS Coordinator
Employer: The Children's Cabinet
Lisa Torgerson
Member Category: Child Care Licensing
Employer: Nevada Department of Health and Human Services Division of Public and Behavioral Health
Jane Wirth
Member Category: Other (ECE Trainer)
Employer: Self-Employed
Cris Dennis
Member Category: Center Director - URBAN/Las Vegas
Employer: La Petite Academy