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This page features general updates and information related to the broader Early Care and Education field in Nevada. Some of the following information may be found in various locations throughout the site.


Early Childhood Advisory Council

Efforts to develop an Early Childhood Advisory Council (ECAC) in Nevada were funded in part by a grant from the National Governor’s Association submitted last spring by Governor Gibbons’ D.C. office. Nevada was one of twelve states that were awarded the planning grant. Nevada proposed to convene stakeholders of four councils or boards currently overseeing projects serving young children and their families to determine the feasibility of merging the four councils into one Early Childhood Advisory Council: Interagency Coordinating Council; Head Start State Collaboration Partnership Committee; Maternal Child Health Advisory Board, and the Child Care Council.

Four planning meetings were funded through the NGA planning grant, two in Las Vegas and two in Reno. Travel and per diem were funded for stakeholders to attend. At the end of the four planning meetings, the four councils recommended that in order to maintain their integrity and original intent, they did not wish to merge into one council, but did wish to have representation on Nevada’s Early Childhood Advisory Council. Final consensus was to form a new council that would meet the requirements established in the Head Start Act and oversee the development of local early childhood advisory councils funded through the Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems project. In September 2009, Governor Gibbons signed an executive order establishing Nevada’s Early Childhood Advisory Council and empowering the DHHS Director’s Office as the appointing authority.

Nevada’s Early Childhood Advisory Council consists of 13 members. Six of the 13 members will be term limited, allowing the agencies and organizations they represent the opportunity to change their representation on the Council over time. Length of the terms will be established by the ECAC. The remaining representatives are mandated by the federal requirements of the Head Start Act, which requires the development of ECACs. For more information, please contact Tammie Williams, Director; Nevada Head Start State Collaboration. 

Visit the Nevada ECAC website for up to date information.

Updated June 2010


Nevada Child Care Workforce Study 

The Nevada Child Care Work Force Study was conducted between 2000 and 2002. All directors and teachers of licensed early childhood programs in the state and all licensed family home care providers were asked to provide information through questionnaires. In addition, a group of non-licensed home care providers, parents, and licensing personnel gave input, and direct observations were conducted in over 100 early childhood classrooms across the state. This study provides the first comprehensive profile of Nevada's child care workforce, comparing Nevada's workforce characteristics to those of other states. Contact the UNR Department of Human Development and Family Studies to access the full report of the Nevada Child Care Work Force Study. 

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