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Did You Know? Looking for CPR and First Aid Training?

The Nevada Registry no longer approves CPR/First Aid instructors or training (since 2016). This is because instructors are already regulated by the agency issuing their certification. 

Finding CPR/First Aid training is easy.  

CPR/First Aid training must be taken by an instructor issuing an official card from one of the following agencies: American Heart Association, American Red Cross, American Safety and Health Institute, EMS Safety Services and Medic First Aid. What this means is that certification cards that do not bear the official logo of one of the five agencies mentioned will not be recognized by Child Care Licensing or The Nevada Registry for Career Ladder placement. 

Make your investment of time and money count!

  1. Verify the type of certification an instructor has. If he/she is not approved as an instructor from one of the five recognized agencies, continue your search to find another instructor that is. 
  2. Verify that you will be issued an official card from one of the five recognized agencies upon completion of the course. A card bearing the name of their private business company in lieu of the official agency card will not be accepted, even if the card states that the training “meets the guidelines of XX agency”. In all cases, the official card is required. If they do not issue official cards, continue your search to find another instructor that does.
  3. CPR training must contain an in-person skill demonstration component. For this reason, a CPR course offered 100% online will not be accepted, even when taken from one of the five recognized organizations. 

Certified CPR/First Aid instructors are located in every community. There are some who operate a business for the sole purpose of delivering CPR/First Aid training but there are also many other certified instructors working in other health/safety-related positions such as Fire Fighters, Nurses, etc. who deliver this training. 

You have many options when searching for CPR/First Aid instructors.  Regardless of where you find your training, as long as the instructor you choose is certified by one of the five recognized agencies AND issues the official card from one of those five agencies, you can be sure that the training will be accepted by Child Care Licensing and The Nevada Registry. 

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Did You Know? Initial Training Requirement Disclaimers – The Fine Print

Registry-approved training sessions that fully or partially meet an initial training requirement of Child Care Licensing will include a disclaimer in red print below the training title on the Training Calendar. It is very important that these disclaimers are read thoroughly to determine whether the training will fully or partially meet a specific requirement.&nbsp...

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‘Licensed Physician’ Defined for Immunization Medical Exemption

An important message from Nevada Child Care Licensing:

A recent message shared by Child Care Licensing clarifies the requirements for medical exemptions from immunizations indicating that the signature must be from specific medical professionals for admission to child care. More specifically, a medical exemption from immunization for children attending...

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Expertise Needed!

The Nevada Department of Education and SRI Education is inviting teachers, program providers and/or parents to help them review and align early childhood standards in our state. There are three sets of standards to revise: Early Learning Standards, Workforce Standards and Program (QRIS) Standards. If you are passionate about any of these areas, please join in this work! 

The workgroups...

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Phase-Out of Paper Update/Renewal Forms

The online membership renewal process launched in July 2019. Since that time, over 700 members have renewed online (compared to only 200 renewing using the paper renewal form). Thank you to everyone who has jumped in and given the online process a shot – your feedback about the ease and convenience of the new system has been outstanding! 

Please note that while...

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Did You Know? CCEI Training Imports

In July we announced that The Nevada Registry has entered into a data transfer partnership with the ChildCare Education Institute (CCEI) to begin electronically importing completed Registry-approved online CCEI training into the membership accounts of active Registry members. What this means is that Registry-approved CCEI training that you complete will...

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Member Spotlight - Cindy Johnson

Continuing our mission to highlight and recognize our members who have been with us since the beginning; this month's honoree is Cindy Johnson, former QRIS Administrator. Cindy has moved out of state in pursuit of new opportunities, but before hanging up her hat in Nevada, she took a few minutes to share her thoughts with us about The Nevada Registry and the role she believes it has played in shaping...

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Washoe County Child Care Advisory Board Vacancies

The Washoe County Child Care Advisory Board is seeking to fill several vacant positions on their board with a RECIPIENT OF CHILD CARE (a parent receiving child care services from a home or center-based facility) and CHILD CARE PROVIDER (either center or home, but home preferred). Read the announcement below for more details. 


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Notice of Upcoming Meeting of the Washoe County Child Care Advisory Board

You are invited to attend the next meeting of the WASHOE COUNTY CHILD CARE ADVISORY BOARD.

WHEN: September 23, 2019 
TIME: 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
LOCATION: Washoe County Commissioners’ Chambers 
Washoe County Complex, Building A
1001 East 9th Street  Reno, Nevada

Meeting Agenda

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Did You Know? Turnaround Time for Online Portal Account Updates

The new online membership portal has transformed how The Nevada Registry does “business” and how our members and trainers communicate with us. While we have made it easier than ever to submit updates, payments, membership renewal forms, etc., it is important to recognize that changes are not immediately updated upon submission. This is because everything that is submitted through our...

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Did You Know? Registering for Training

A common misconception we hear is that logging in to the Online Portal from the home page of The Nevada Registry’s website allows you to register for training or online courses. This is not true.  The Online Portal grants you access to your Registry membership account only (if you are an active member). It does not grant you access to registration for...

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A Look Inside The Nevada Registry - August 2019

We rounded out the summer months with a very busy and productive August. Take a look at what was happening behind the scenes at The Nevada Registry.   

  • Membership total: 7079 (an increase of 29 since last month!)
  • 685 applications and renewal forms were received and data-entered into the system.
  • 606 membership certificates were processed. Please note that as...

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Attention Trainers: Important Year End Reminder

Are you on track to meet the annual trainer renewal requirements by December 31st?

Log in to your Online Portal account today to confirm whether you have delivered at least four Registry-approved training sessions. You may also upload documentation of your completed continuing education training for review by The Nevada...

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Did You Know? You've Got (E)Mail

The Nevada Registry utilizes email communication for EVERY aspect of the program; from confirmation that your application is complete/incomplete, to notify you when your application or renewal has been processed, to trainer approval and training approval confirmations and everything in between. In a nutshell, ALL communication from The Nevada Registry can be found in your email mailbox*.


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Your Voice Powers Our Profession - A Message from NAEYC

Message fowarded from The National Power to the Profession Task Force: 

“Our vision is that early childhood educators are members of a prepared, diverse, effective, equitable and well-compensated profession, and able to play a central role in defining and shaping that profession.”   

Tell Us: What kinds of expectations...

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