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Early Childhood Staff Stipend Incentive Program

ATTENTION: The deadline to submit an application for the $1,000 staff stipend is May 31, 2022. You must complete the Registry membership application process and/or renew your membership no later than May 25th to ensure that you will be an active member of The Nevada Registry in time to apply for the stipend (you must also work in an eligible program). Stipend applications will not be accepted after the May 31, 2022 deadline. Don’t delay! Activate your Registry membership today!

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Child Care Licensing

All licensed child care facilities in Nevada are currently regulated by one of two licensing entities; the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health (DPBH) - Child Care Licensing Unit (State) or Washoe County Human Services Agency - Child Care and Early Childhood Services. The DPBH - Child Care Licensing Unit licenses, regulates and monitors all facilities located outside Washoe County. The DPBH enforces the state child care licensing regulations, which are the minimum requirements for child care in Nevada. The regulations for child care facilities in Washoe County must meet, but can exceed, the requirements set forth in the state child care licensing regulations.

Child Care Regulations

State Child Care Regulations: NRS 432A - Services and Facilities for Care of Children

Washoe County Regulations for Child Care Facilities

Guidelines for Initial and Continuing Training Requirements