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Early Childhood Staff Stipend Incentive Program

ATTENTION: The deadline to submit an application for the $1,000 staff stipend is May 31, 2022. You must complete the Registry membership application process and/or renew your membership no later than May 25th to ensure that you will be an active member of The Nevada Registry in time to apply for the stipend (you must also work in an eligible program). Stipend applications will not be accepted after the May 31, 2022 deadline. Don’t delay! Activate your Registry membership today!

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Early Care and Education (ECE) Resources

The Nevada Registry strives to connect the Early Childhood community to area resources, workforce-related information and important news and events related to the professional development system in Nevada. This is an ongoing effort that requires input from the field. If there is something you are looking for, but cannot find on this website, please let us know and we will do our best to connect you to the desired resource. Click on the boxes below to learn more about the resources listed.

Early Childhood Career Ladder

In order to provide nurturing, high-quality Early Childhood environments for all children, it is necessary to have a highly competent workforce. Education and professional development provide the pathway to achieving this goal. The Career Ladder outlines this pathway.

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Core Knowledge Areas

A set of standards for Early Care and Education that support the professionalism of the field. They form the knowledge base that every ECE professional working with young children and their families should build from in order to provide quality experiences for children.

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Core Competencies

A set of observable skills that reflect an individual's knowledge and understanding of the CKA. The competencies identify skills at the beginning, intermediate and advanced levels of professionalism and help to standardize the expectations for ECE professionals.

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Professional Development Plan

A guide designed to help Early Childhood educators reflect upon their own practice and work in the field of ECE.  

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Nevada Pre-K Standards and Early Learning Guidelines

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General Resources

Useful Websites