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Have you heard about the Telehealth Services Benefit Program?

Receive access to FREE dental and vision coverage, an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), unlimited telemedicine calls, ten teletherapy sessions and an optional Whole Life insurance policy simply for being an active member of The Nevada Registry! (Must be working in a child care center or other Early Childhood-related program in Nevada to qualify.)

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Reports and Statistics

The data collected from the Membership Application is used to build Career Development Files for each member and helps The Nevada Registry accurately reflect an individual’s unique professional and educational background in ECE; resulting in an appropriate correct Career Ladder level placement. The data also helps us gain knowledge about the ECE workforce and can assist in making positive changes to the professional development system in Nevada.

As you will find when reviewing the data, the information collected through the application process and the training approval system is never disclosed with any identifying information attached. Any data provided to the community via this website and/or collaborators through other means, is combined in order to report on large groups of people, rather than on any individual member. This and ALL other information contained in each member’s Career Development File is confidential.

Program Reports

Through FY19, The Nevada Registry published a membership and training approval system report on a biennial basis in order to provide a snapshot of Registry members and approved trainers at various points in time. Click the button below to view all previously published reports.

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Program Data and Statistics

Data is collected on a daily basis through the process of Career Ladder placement and trainer/training approval.

Program Summary