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Change to New Member Application Minimum Documentation Requirements

Effective September 1, 2020: 

A Work Permit/Background Check, Sherriff’s Card or Clearance Memorandum and a current TB test has always been required, in addition to documentation of completion of all of the initial training requirements, for new members applying to The Nevada Registry for the first time (when they do not possess formal education or degrees that would place them at Levels 2 or higher on the Career Ladder).

Because the Work Permit/Background Check/Sherriff's Card/Clearance Memorandum and TB test are not training-related, The Nevada Registry will discontinue requiring those two items as part of the application process. What this means is that as of September 1, 2020, a new member application will now be considered complete when the individual submits documentation for ALL of the required training courses, regardless of whether they opt to also include a copy of their Work Permit card or TB test. Though no longer required, The Nevada Registry will happily digitally archive Work Permit cards and TB tests for members who continue to supply this information.  Please reference the Career Ladder Placement Checklist that is included in the Membership Application for a complete list of required documentation. 

As always, ALL members are encouraged to also submit documentation verifying their completion of ECE courses and degrees obtained in order to be placed at the level commensurate with their education. The Nevada Registry will continue to place individuals at the highest level of the Career Ladder supported by the documentation submitted. 

Contact our office. 

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Sifting Through the Training Format “Alphabet Soup”

COVID-19 has forced trainers and training agencies to think differently about their training delivery practices in the face of social distancing requirements. As a result, there has been an increased desire, and need, to convert traditional in-person training sessions into “virtual” training opportunities. 

The onset of virtual training sessions came with a whole new set...

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Guide to Nevada Child Care License Amendment Process

COVID-19 has forced many to adjust and make changes to their day-to-day plans. This is no different for licensed providers. Child Care Licensing is aware that providers may need to make changes to their license in order to accommodate the children and families they serve, including families of school-age children who are participating in distance learning. Child Care Licensing would like to remind...

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Make a Difference in Your Community: Become a CDA PD Specialist™

The Council for Professional Recognition is seeking experienced early childhood professionals to serve as CDA Professional Development (PD) Specialists™. PD Specialists specialize in one or multiple early childhood education settings: Center-based Infant and Toddler, Preschool, Family Child Care and/or Home Visitor. PD Specialists are essential in...

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