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2019 Legislative Session Summary

The Children’s Advocacy Alliance (CAA) serves as an independent voice for Nevada’s children and families – dedicated to achieving public policy wins in the areas of child safety, health, and school readiness.

This legislative session, they worked diligently across party lines to propose a legislative agenda focused on creating lasting change in child welfare, juvenile justice, early childhood education and health care. CAA had a full-time lobbyist in Carson City for the second time, allowing them to advocate for a broad spectrum of policies affecting Nevada’s children and families.

In total, the Children’s Advocacy Alliance led the efforts to pass many unique pieces of legislation and offered support on many other proposed bills and budgets. In total, 17 bills that they supported or led were signed into law and another 7 bills received sponsorship but did not become legislation. These bills all focused on improving outcomes related to Nevada’s children and families in four issue areas: School Readiness, Children’s Health, Children’s Safety and Economic Well-being.

For a more detailed overview of each bill led and supported by CAA, download their full 2019 Legislative Session Summary.