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Breaking News: Senate Passes Child Care Reauthorization

A message from Child Care Aware of America:

Because of your tremendous advocacy, Senators from across the aisle just voted to reauthorize the S. 1086, the Child Care and Development Block Grant Act of 2014.

This is a huge win for working families in this country.  This bill contains many common-sense measures for helping protect children in child care, such as requiring providers to undergo comprehensive background checks, ensuring annual inspections are conducted and requiring childcare providers receive training on CPR, first and safe sleep practices. 

We are one step closer to ensuring children are safe and receiving quality early learning experiences while in child care. The research is clear, children's early years are proven to be the most important time to create strong learners. This bill sets the standard families expect for their children. 

Thank the Senate for standing up for children and working families by voting yes to reauthorize CCDBG.

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