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NAEYC Needs Your Feedback: Public Draft #2 of the Leveling of the Professional Standards and Competencies

The Power to the Profession Task Force recommended that the 2010 NAEYC Standards for Initial and Advance Early Childhood Professional Preparation Programs be explicitly positioned as the foundation for the standards and competencies of the unified early childhood education profession, with the specific expectations for the revision of these standards.

Since January 2018, a workgroup made up of practitioners and experts have been working to revise the standards in accordance with the recommendations of Power to the Profession.  Now known as the Professional Standards and Competencies for Early Childhood Educators, Public Draft #2 of the leveling of these standards is now available for comment. The leveling is intended to serve as a guide to the profession regarding expected mastery of the standards and competencies at the ECE I, II and III designations outlined in Decision Cycles 3, 4, 5 and 6 of Power to the Profession.

They welcome and need your feedback on this draft to ensure that the final version is as strong as possible! 

Share your thoughts by November 15, 2019.