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Attention High Quality ECE Programs in Southern Nevada

The Children's Advocacy Alliance is looking for high quality, outcome-driven early childhood education programs in Southern Nevada!
In an effort to support expansion of early learning opportunities for children in Southern Nevada, and eventually throughout the State, several organizations have come together to explore alternative options for financing outcome-driven, high-quality programs that have the potential to demonstrate significant academic, social and economic returns. The Children’s Advocacy Alliance, Nevada Succeeds and the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, along with multiple public and private partners, have joined forces to research and cultivate potential financing options and investors, as well as to identify and support an early childhood education program and/or organization that will serve as a demonstration project for this financing model.
The purpose of this Request for Information (RFI) is to identify early childhood education programs, organizations and/or initiatives in Southern Nevada that currently utilize an early childhood education strategy or structure which has, or can demonstrate the potential to, result in quantifiable cost savings to a public or governmental entity.
Click here for more information about the Request.

Direct questions to:
Denise Tanata Ashby
Executive Director
Children’s Advocacy Alliance
Phone: 702-228-1869

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