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Message from Washoe County Child Care Licensing Regarding New Health and Safety Training Requirements

As of February 1, 2018, new CCDBG health and safety training is required within 120 days of employment for new caregivers and in accordance with a facility’s annual licensure date for existing caregivers.  Anyone working in a facility licensed by State Child Care Licensing is subject to the new requirements now. However, before Washoe County can enforce the new regulations (State-codified rules) the Washoe County Child Care Advisory Board and the County Commission must approve the changes. Once approved, the regulations will be sent to providers. It is at that point that Washoe County Child Care Licensing will begin enforcing the changes. In the meantime, Washoe County Child Care Licensing will continue to enforce the previous 90-day training requirements (CPR, First Aid, CA/N, SOI, SIDS, Child Development) until approval for the new regulations has been obtained.

What this means is that if you work in a facility licensed by Washoe County Child Care Licensing, you are not currently required to complete training in the new CCDBG Health and Safety topics (Building Safety, Emergency Preparedness, Medication Administration, Shaken Baby Syndrome, Transportation Safety) until otherwise notified by Licensing. With that said, you are welcome to complete Registry-approved training in these topics at any time between now and when the changes go into effect in anticipation of the new requirements that are forthcoming. Contact your surveyor for more information.