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New Resource Available: Initial Training "Cheat Sheet"

Confused about the new health and safety requirements? Wonder which initial training topics must be completed one-time, annually or otherwise? Good news – help has arrived! The Nevada Registry, with input from State and Washoe County Child Care Licensing, has put together a new “cheat sheet” to help you navigate the new regulations and understand your responsibilities with regard to initial and continuing training requirements*. This document outlines the guidelines for the completion of all required initial training requirements and includes a user-friendly chart that spells out the number of hours required, the frequency requirements as well as which staff (if not all) are required to complete each course. We hope you find this to be a useful tool in planning your professional development! Please contact your Licensing Surveyor with any questions regarding compliance or The Nevada Registry with questions about the membership application process.   

Initial and Continuing Training Requirements for Caregivers Working in Licensed Child Care Facilities:
Guidelines for Completion

* Facilities licensed in Washoe County are not yet subject to the new CCDBG health and safety requirements but will be once county regulations have been adopted. Once adopted, the length of time to complete required training will be extended to 120 days (with the exception of Child Abuse and Neglect).