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Licensing Regulation Review Workgroups: Meeting Calendar (REVISED)

Updated 12/16/15
Please note that the workgroup meeting schedule originally posted is no longer valid. All individual workgroup meetings have been cancelled. The regulation review will continue, but rather than continuing to conduct individual meetings for each workgroup, the regulation review process will now occur during a series of monthly meetings conducted by the Child Care Advisory Council. Meeting dates and times are currently being confirmed. Please check back frequently for updated meeting information and opportunities to participate/provide input.

The Nevada Child Care Advisory Council is currently facilitating a 10-year review of the State Child Care Licensing regulations. To conduct this review, five distinct regulation review workgroups have been convened and are scheduled to meet monthly October 2015 through May 2016 to review specific sections of the regulations. Workgroup meetings are open to the public and conducted in Las Vegas and Carson City via video and teleconference. Input from the ECE community is welcome.

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