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Tip of the Week: Document Your ECE Accomplishments

Currently, there is no mechanism in place to automatically notify the Registry of completed degrees, training, or certifications. As a result, your Career Ladder level is reflective of the highest level of education and training that you have submitted during the application/renewal process. For instance, if you earned your high school diploma but have never submitted a copy of it to our office, there is no way for it to be captured in your account/Career Ladder level. This could mean the difference between a Level 1.1 and Level 1.3 placement and also over-inflates the number of ECE professionals shown to have less than a high school diploma; which casts a negative light on our industry (data is based on what is documented, not on what is known anecdotally). Similarly, if you complete your degree between renewal dates, it won’t be factored in your account until you submit a copy of your updated transcripts/diploma. This again, under-represents your completed formal education and over-inflates the number of ECE professionals shown not to have degrees. In a field that is all too commonly undervalued, it’s important that we highlight our accomplishments and proudly demonstrate our expertise in our chosen profession. Help the Registry accurately highlight YOUR accomplishments in ECE by submitting documentation of all completed training, high school diplomas, college coursework, and degrees with your next renewal.

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