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Tip of the Day: How Does Applying to the Registry Benefit Me?

There are professional organizations in every field. Is it worth it to join? While each and every organization is different, the short answer is most often: yes. Especially if you’re just starting out in your career. That’s because professional organizations can offer insight into how the industry works and how to navigate it, as well as connect you to professional development resources.

In addition to ensuring that you are in compliance with Child Care Licensing, membership with The Nevada Registry allows you to be part of the greater whole; a group of like-minded individuals who all care about children and making a difference in the world by understanding the critical nature of our work. The Registry helps you gain recognition for your work in ECE by documenting your professional and educational accomplishments. Placement on the Career Ladder helps you plan your training, education, and career development goals and track your progress towards meeting those goals. A Career Development File is created on your behalf to warehouse copies of all the training certificates and educational documentation you submit, should you ever need to replace lost or damaged paperwork. Participating also helps you become a part of an early childhood network, gain access to scholarship programs and initiatives such as T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood Nevada and makes you eligible for Registry-sponsored giveaways and promotions such as the Membership Benefit Program.

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