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Tip of the Day: Distance Learning Options

The Registry’s training calendar currently lists hundreds of approved distance learning options (internet courses, correspondence courses, modules). Occasionally, training organizations will send a direct mailing to past training attendees to advertise upcoming training events and/or independent study training opportunities. The flyer may even state that all courses are approved for hours in most states. Do not assume that the training/courses are approved by The Nevada Registry! Furthermore, even if an agency has submitted their trainings for approval by the Registry, there is no guarantee that ALL of their available trainings have been accepted/approved. As with ALL training, you should refer to the Registry's online training calendar to determine whether a course you are interested in taking has been approved. Please don't assume that hours will be accepted by Licensing just because the course is listed on a flyer sent by the organization and/or their website. If a training doesn't appear on the Registry's training calendar, it's not approved and will not be accepted by Licensing!

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