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Tip of the Day: ECE College Courses

Are you planning to take an ECE college course this fall and would like to apply those hours to your annual training requirements for Licensing? If so, the general rule of thumb is this: one college credit equals 15 clock hours of training, but the courses that will be accepted are at the discretion of the licensing entity. Check with your Licensing surveyor prior to enrolling to confirm whether it will be accepted and remember that in order to apply a course toward the training requirement, you must have completed and passed it prior to the end of the licensing year (must be completed within the facility’s licensing year).  If the end of your facility’s licensing year occurs during the middle of the semester, and the course is not completed, it will not be counted. Be sure to give a copy of your transcripts showing course completion to your Director to keep in your employee file so everything is in order for your center's next Licensing visit!

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