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Tip of the Day: Don’t Let Your Certificate Expire!

Participation with The Nevada Registry is required for all professionals working in licensed child care settings of any type (center, Family/Group Home Care, etc.). To maintain compliance with Child Care Licensing, you must annually renew your membership with the Registry. Please note that the day that your certificate expires, you are no longer in compliance, and even though the Registry’s late fee will not be imposed until 30 days beyond your certificate expiration date, you are still out of compliance with Licensing every day that your certificate is expired. Don’t risk it – renew your membership as soon as you receive the email renewal reminders from the Registry (4-6 weeks prior to your certificate expiration date, again two weeks prior and a final time on the day it expires).

Note: Technology is not fail-proof. We recommend that you put a reminder in your personal email or wall calendar just in case email messages from The Nevada Registry are blocked by your spam filter or routed to your junk mail folder. Exceptions will not be made due to non-receipt of emails. It is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that you renew your membership on time.

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