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Tip of the Day: Pinterest and Social Media

We live in a technology-driven world. The internet is full of great resources and up-to-date/relevant information to help support our practice with young children. Pinterest is a virtual life-saver when it comes to re-energizing our creativity and planning activities with children! While there are more and more amazing (and FREE) resources available to us at our fingertips, spending time browsing websites to plan curriculum, using the various social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter to connect with parents and families, etc. will not be approved for child care training hours by The Nevada Registry. This is not to say that you shouldn’t tap into these rich resources – we fully encourage you to utilize all the resources you can - it simply means that you’ll be doing it as part of your own ongoing professional development – which doesn’t always have to be tied to training hours to be worth your time. So click away - a world of amazing possibilities awaits!

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