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Tip of the Day: Trainer Directory

Have you checked out the Trainer Directory? Whereas the training calendar lists all Registry-approved trainings that are already scheduled and open to the public, the Trainer Directory lists the names of registered trainers and organizations available to provide professional development training to the early childhood community and who have chosen to participate. Through the Directory, you can search for a specific trainer/organization by name, or when desiring broader results, search with specific criteria such as the counties in which they are available to train and/or the Core Knowledge Areas/training topics in which they have specific expertise. Another great feature of the Directory is that once you have selected a trainer/organization from the list, you will see a link to any current and upcoming Registry-approved trainings that are being offered by this individual/agency. This generates more specific results than when searching the training calendar as a whole. Take a peek - you just might like what you see!  

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