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Tip of the Week: Bloodborne Pathogens vs. SOI

Signs and Symptoms of Illness (SOI) training; also commonly referred to as Communicable Diseases/Infectious Diseases, is required within the first 90 days of new employment. Licensing regulations stipulate that SOI training must also include Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP) as part of this training. As a result, all SOI classes submitted to the Registry must include BBP in order to be approved.

Please note that standalone Bloodborne Pathogens training does not meet the Licensing requirements for Signs and Symptoms of Illness. Unless you are specifically required to complete a standalone BBP training as a condition of your employment, your time and money will be better spent taking a Registry-approved SOI training that automatically includes BBP content.

There’s an easy way to determine which trainings on the Training Calendar can be taken to meet specific initial training requirements for Licensing (SOI, Child Abuse and Neglect, SIDS, etc.). Simply look for the statement that appears in red type under the training title (when applicable). For example, SOI trainings will include this note within the training details of the event: This training can be taken to meet the initial training requirement for Signs and Symptoms of Illness. If you don’t see a note like this, the training will not fulfill the requirement.

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