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Tip of the Week Returns From Hiatus

Back in 2015, we launched a new feature of the blog called “Tip of the Week” to support members’ individual professional development, clarify common misconceptions about training and the training approval system, enhance the delivery of Registry-approved training, and increase the overall awareness of important information buried deep within the pages of the Registry website. After being on hitatus for nearly a year, we are dusting it off and bringing it back as a new and improved "Did You Know?" feature of our NEWS page. Now, tips will be posted as needed to help keep important information from getting lost in the "information shuffle".  Be sure to check back to this page regularly for new membership and trainer-related professional development tips! You can also filter your search on the NEWS page to find just these specific posts by clicking on the "Did You Know?" link in the yellow notebook paper section on the left hand side of the NEWS page.