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Tip of the Week (Trainers): Adult Learner Disengagement

According to Constant Hine, author of "Engaging Adult Learners Using Multiple Intelligences" these are some common indicators that adult learners are not engaged in a learning experience:

  1. Learners are hesitant to interact with you or peers.
  2. Learners do not care — leaning back, arms crossed, putting hands on heads, etc.
  3. Learners do not ask questions about the material.
  4. Participants do not share an understanding of the content when opportunities are provided.
  5. Participants repeatedly make "Yeah... but" statements.
  6. Participants make comments like, "This is good theory, but..."
  7. Learners have a "deer in headlights" expression.
  8. Learners are acting in inappropriate ways during the session — texting, arriving late, side talking, etc.

Be on the lookout for these signs and adjust your presentation accordingly in order to deliver the most effective learning experiences!

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