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Tip of the Week: Looking for Online Training?

Did you know that there are currently hundreds (over 1000 actually!) of Registry-approved online and distance learning options available on the Registry’s Training Calendar? Because online trainings are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, they are a great alternative for professionals with busy schedules and limited access to trainings.  To view what’s currently available, visit the calendar and scroll down to the “Online and Distance Learning Options” drop down list (just above the green “Submit” button). Approved trainings are listed in alphabetical order by the sponsoring agency. With a variety of topics available and a range of training hours and prices, there is something for everyone!

Please keep in mind that only the trainings listed on the calendar have been approved by the Registry. If you receive a flyer from an organization offering trainings or visit one of their website directly, always double check a training you are interested in taking against the Registry’s Training Calendar because not all trainings listed in a company brochure or on their website have been approved by the Registry! Make your investment of time and money count and make sure it’s Registry-approved BEFORE you pay for an online class. 

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