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Tip of the Week (Trainers): Training Certificates

Each training approval confirmation email you receive contains links to a pre-printed certificate and attendance sheet associated with that particular event. The pre-printed Certificate of Completion contains all of the details of the training including the number of approved child care training hours, assigned approval code and a statement verifying when a course meets a specific licensing requirement (when applicable).  The pre-printed Training Attendance/Sign-In Sheet includes much of the same information. Not only is this a time saver for you by taking some of the legwork out of your training preparation process, it also helps to reduce approval code errors and ensures that we have all the information needed to conduct our post-event data entry. Use of the pre-populated Certificate of Completion and Attendance/Sign-In Sheet that is optional at this time. However, if you opt to use and create your own documents, the title listed on the certificates and attendance sheets must match the title contained in the approval email exactly. This takes the guesswork out of the data entry process and ensures that members will receive appropriate credit for attendance. 

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