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Tip of the Week: Caregivers Under 18

Have you hired an employee under the age of 18? Underage caregivers must complete all standard training plus an additional 6 hours of Registry-approved training in Child Development.

If your facility is licensed by the State, you must complete a Change in Personnel Form and submit it to Child Care Licensing within 24 hours of the employee's start date at the facility. Once Licensing receives the Change in Personnel form, an Under 18 Memorandum will be issued. The memorandum must be kept on file at the center for review during a Licensing inspection. The Under 18 Memorandum should also be included with the employee’s Nevada Registry membership application when applying for membership (along with the other required documents). 

If your facility is licensed by Washoe County, caregivers under 18 are required to obtain a Sheriff’s Work Permit Card; the same care required for all caregivers working in a licensed child care setting. 

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