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Immunization Reporting Due Dec. 31

A message from State Child Care Licensing: 

Under Nevada law, each public school, private school, and child care facility shall report by Dec. 31 of each year the exact number of pupils who have completed the immunizations required for enrollment. Immunize Nevada is collecting this information on behalf of the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health. Submitting your school’s information through this web form at  fulfills this statutory requirement. 

It is recommended that you bookmark this link as it has resources for school nurses, Nevada school requirements and more. If you have additional questions, email or call (702) 529-4713. FAQs about reporting

Q: If you have students who are current on a series, but have not completed it (for example, they were behind on MMR, now they have had 1 dose but are not yet due for #2), is that student counted as up-to-date?
A: NO 

Q: What grades/ages does the reporting requirement apply to?  
A: Total childcare population coverage. 

Q: Are religious and medical exemptions counted in the immunization rate (e.g., because there is an exemption on file, they have complied with the requirements)? 
A: NO. Do not include students with religious and medical exemptions in the immunization rate. Only students who are fully vaccinated per Nevada requirements should be counted as up-to-date.  Students who have had varicella disease (regardless of how many doses of varicella vaccine) are considered up-to-date.  

Q: The majority of our 7-12 graders started school in NV before 2010.  It is my understanding that those students are only required to have 1 Varicella. May we count them in the vaccination rate, being all other immunizations meet the requirements?
A: Students before 2010 are considered up-to-date if they have the 1 dose of Varicella. 

Q: If we have multiple campuses (Elementary, Middle, High) for a charter school or childcare, do we submit together or separately?
A: Separately, please submit for each school location.

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