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Watch Your Back! Literally.

From the September 1, 2014 Issue of ExchangeEveryDay:

In their article, "Preventing Work-Related Musculoskeletal Injuries," in the Beginnings Workshop Book: Professionalism, Alicia Wortman and Susan Aronson point out that back injuries are the most common cause of occupational injury for child care providers in the USA.  Here are some excerpts from their recommendations on how to avoid back injuries in the classroom:

  • Getting to Child Level. Avoid leaning forward or downward to reach or assist children.
  • Stretching. Break up bouts of sitting with gentle stretching exercises.
  • Standing. When standing for a prolonged period of time, shift your weight from side to side and change positions.
  • Lifting. When lifting... tighten your stomach musculature as you lift....  Bend your knees and hips and bring the item or the child close to your body before lifting.
  • Exercising. Maintaining general fitness and flexibility is essential to maintaining musculoskeletal health.

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