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Registry Training Calendar Updated to Improve Navigation

You talked - we listened!

Several enhancements have been made to make your searches for Registry-approved training on the Training Calendar easier than ever before! Many of these changes are the direct result of feedback received from directors, administrators and approved trainers who completed two recent surveys regarding high-quality professional development, as well as from members and other stakeholders who have more informally shared their suggestions through phone calls and emails. Thank you to everyone who has taken a moment to share your thoughts with us. Our goal is to make our resources as user-friendly as possible and your input helps us to ensure we are effectively meeting your needs! 

Highlights of Changes:

  • Instructions have been added to guide users on how to use the search filters to produce the most relevant results (too many filters can produce minimal or no results). 
  • A ‘Training Format’ dropdown list has been added. This dropdown allows users to select “In-Person” or “Online” based on their preferred learning style and professional development needs. 
  • A helpful hint/shortcut has been added to the top of the page to make it easier to find the free, online, initial training courses currently being offered by ProSolutions Training, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension and a few others. Previously, users had to sort through each online distance provider to find these courses.  Now, all you need to do is simply select “Online” and “Free” to find what is currently available at no charge. 
  • Certain filters now become disabled based on the training format selected to reduce search result errors. For example, because ‘County’ is not applicable when searching for online training, that dropdown becomes disabled when the ‘Online’ training format is selected. Likewise, if a county is selected from the dropdown list, the ‘Online and Distance Learning Organizations’ dropdown list is disabled.   
  • Training sessions that meet specific initial training requirements of Child Care Licensing such as Child Abuse & Neglect and Emergency Preparedness, currently include a statement to verify if they can be taken for this purpose. Previously, only the courses that fully met a requirement were flagged this way. As of the calendar update, courses that partially meet the requirement for Wellness and Child Development/Guidance & Discipline also include a statement; the difference being that additional/multiple training sessions will need to be completed to fully satisfy the requirement. This change was made to make it easier to find training sessions being offered for fewer hours than what is required (i.e., less than two hours for Wellness and three hours for Child Development/Guidance & Discipline). Previously, the only way to do this was to conduct a very time-consuming broad search of ALL approved training and scan through each event.  
  • The ability to search for a specific trainer has been added. The ‘Approved Trainers’ dropdown list includes all trainers who currently have training scheduled that is open to the public. Trainers without future training scheduled and/or who are currently not offering training open to the public will not appear in the dropdown list.