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CCDBG Health and Safety Scholarship Update

Update: As of 4/20/18, all scholarships have been awarded and the application process is closed. 

Have you heard about The Nevada Registry’s latest membership benefit? 

The Nevada Registry is offering training scholarships to qualifying active members* of the Registry to complete newly required health and safety training in Building and Physical Premises Safety, Emergency Preparedness, Shaken Baby Syndrome, Medication Administration and Transportation Safety. A total of 1000 scholarships will be granted. Recipients of the scholarship can complete an 8-hour online health and safety training that includes all of the newly required topics FOR FREE! The scholarship also includes a full subscription to the ChildCare Education Institute. 

As of Friday, March 9, 2018, nearly 300 scholarships have already been granted to qualifying members! Those who do not fully meet the criteria are currently being added to a waitlist. If we have not granted all 1000 scholarships to qualifying members by March 30th, we will begin taking names from the waitlist (in order by application date).

*Qualifying active members are individuals with 2 or more years of active membership with the Registry who are working in a QRIS-participating program (if working in a center). ECE4 trainers are also eligible to apply.