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Member Spotlight - Cindy Johnson

Continuing our mission to highlight and recognize our members who have been with us since the beginning; this month's honoree is Cindy Johnson, former QRIS Administrator. Cindy has moved out of state in pursuit of new opportunities, but before hanging up her hat in Nevada, she took a few minutes to share her thoughts with us about The Nevada Registry and the role she believes it has played in shaping the Early Childhood landscape in our state. 

I had the honor of participating in the planning and development of Nevada’s Professional Development Registry System. Our Registry system has far exceeded our original expectations with the leadership of our Registry coordinator. Prior to Nevada’s Registry there were little or no qualifications for directors and teachers in Nevada’s early childhood programs. What was in place was enforced inconsistently across the state. The Nevada Registry played a major role in aligning training requirements for child care licensing. That is only one benefit of The Registry, the list includes a vast amount of data collected about our early childhood staff, programs and system. This data allows Nevada to inform policy makers about the needs of our field, compare and contrast our system against other states, and inform and guide the growth and improvement of our early childhood community. 

As a trainer, The Registry has been invaluable to getting information to teachers about upcoming training opportunities as well as where there are gaps in trainings that might need fulfilling. The Core Knowledge Areas and Core Competencies have laid the foundation for higher quality training as well as a way for early childhood professionals to evaluate their personal knowledge and training needs. They have also created a great way for directors to evaluate their staff by setting goals, determining training needs and tracking individual growth.  

The Nevada Registry has become an integral part of our early childhood system in Nevada and their website has become a hub for information and support to the whole early childhood community. I have been a proud member of The Nevada Registry for 15 years and a member of their Advisory Committee for almost as long. We should all be proud that our Registry has become a model for systems across the country.

Thank you Cindy for the many important contributions you made to Early Childhood in Nevada. We miss you and wish you the best of luck where ever the road leads you to next!