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The Nevada Registry Website Home Page Changes

In an effort to enhance the user-experience with The Nevada Registry’s website, we have made a few changes to the home page navigation. These changes came about because of the feedback our members have provided to us about our website as well as the types of questions we most commonly receive from individuals who are having difficulty finding the information they are seeking. We believe these changes will make the navigation of our website easier than ever before! 

Have no fear! All of the information you have come to know and trust is still available. However, in some cases, it may be available in a new location on the page. Please read on for a complete list of the changes that will make our website as user-friendly as possible.

  1. The biggest, most obvious change we made is that we have changed the name of the “Blog” to “News” on the top menu bar and “News, Updates & Events” on the main menu. All of the information posted to the former blog is still there; we have just given it a title that more clearly indicates what you will find when you click on that page. 
  2. The second biggest change we made is that we have added a PDP (Professional Development Plan) Login button to the main menu. Now you can access your PDP from the top menu (next to the briefcase icon) or on the main menu. We are hoping that this change will reduce confusion and misuse of the “User Portal Login” button that is available for trainers only. 
  3. Next, we have added a second way to access our Forms from the main menu (now called “Forms and Downloads”).  Our website diagnostics tell us that this is one of the most frequently visited pages on the website so getting there should be quick and easy!
  4. Finally, links to Career Development, Resources and Our Partners (previously on the main menu) are now accessible from the Quick Links sidebar menu on the left side of the home page.  

We anticipate that these changes may take a little time to get used to, but once you do, we are certain you will enjoy the increased user friendliness and ease of being able to navigate to the most frequently visited pages of our website as quickly as possible.