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Member Spotlight - Robin Armstrong

In honor of our yearlong 15th Anniversary celebration, we are recognizing Robin Armstrong as one of our Registry VIPs who has been a member of The Nevada Registry since 2004. Robin is a Teacher at Zion Lutheran Church Preschool in Winnemucca and shared this with us about how she believes The Nevada Registry has positively influenced Early Childhood in Nevada and what her membership personally means to her:

I love that The Nevada Registry is a great way to keep workshop hours straight, career updates, etc. I love that it makes us (as teachers and our school as a whole) look official. I have been registered for the 15 years I have been teaching at Zion Lutheran Preschool. It is easy and convenient to go to the website to get forms and get my membership renewal done. 

Thank you Robin for your continued membership and for sharing your thoughts with us. We look forward to supporting you and the growth of the Early Childhood profession in Nevada for many years to come!