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Phase-Out of Paper Update/Renewal Forms

The online membership renewal process launched in July 2019. Since that time, over 700 members have renewed online (compared to only 200 renewing using the paper renewal form). Thank you to everyone who has jumped in and given the online process a shot – your feedback about the ease and convenience of the new system has been outstanding! 

Please note that while we have continued to accept paper renewal forms during the initial transition to a paperless system, paper Update/Renewal Forms received with a postmark date as of January 1, 2020 or later will not be accepted. What this means is that paper renewal forms will not be processed after this date. Instead, if a paper renewal form is received, it will be securely recycled and you will be notified/directed to log in to your Online Portal to renew your membership. This will delay the processing of your membership renewal and compliance with Child Care Licensing regulations regarding mandatory participation and could result in a late renewal/reinstatement fee. 

Avoid unnecessary delays, begin using the online system NOW and submit your next renewal within your Online Portal. In addition to eliminating the need to make copies, incurring mailing costs and experiencing potential postal service delivery delays, the online renewal process is quick and easy! The entire process can be completed electronically, including uploading your training and educational documents and takes on average, just 10-15 minutes to complete!  

NOTE! This policy applies to membership renewals ONLY. Initial membership applications must continue to be submitted in paper form until the online application process for new members is available.