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Member Spotlight - Rebecca Vizina

Our yearlong 15th Anniversary celebration continues! This month we are recognizing another one of our Registry VIPs who has maintained an active membership with The Nevada Registry since the beginning! This is what Rebecca Vizina with the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension had to say about how The Nevada Registry has positively influenced Early Childhood in Nevada and what her membership personally means:

Dear Nevada Registry,

Wow, 15 years!!! I remember being invited to a planning meeting with Joanne Everts way back when, and my first reaction to the idea of a Registry was one of wholehearted support!

I consider myself an early childhood professional and wanted those not in my field of practice to respect, value and compensate the important work going on in childcare centers across our state. All recognized professions are built on a common purpose and identity, with agreement on the unique roles, responsibilities, and attributes of their members. As early childhood professionals, we must hold ourselves to a high standard if we want to change the way that we are seen by society. We must take ownership of our work. We need to be able to get out there and let people know why early childhood matters, so they are aware of what is so critical about those first five years.

What we do is important, and we need to be recognized for the important work that we do. It is vital that we are seen as professionals in our field. The dedicated staff of The Nevada Registry and Advisory Board truly deserve our thanks for all their efforts and commitment in forging the path in the State of Nevada for us and others to begin recognizing the importance of our field.

It has not been an easy journey, though 15 years later the path has been paved to many brighter futures….I’m proud to be Number 60 of The Nevada Registry!!

Keep paving the path…..

Thank you Rebecca for your continued membership and for sharing your thoughts with us. We look forward to supporting you and the growth of the Early Childhood profession in Nevada for many years to come!