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Attention Trainers! New Attendance Sheet

The Nevada Registry is gearing up for an exciting new membership benefit - a training attendance tracking feature!

What is it?
The training attendance tracking feature allows completed Registry-approved training to be added to the Registry membership accounts of active Registry members within several days of attending an in-person training session. This is what we commonly refer to as “live” data tracking.  

How Does it Work?
YOU are critical to the success of this new membership benefit! The training attendance tracking feature will be available from within your trainer portal. Here, you will be able to quickly and easily enter the Registry ID’s of training participants following the completion of your training session and submit it to The Nevada Registry for review. Following completion of our verification process, the training will be immediately added directly into the member’s Registry account making their training transcript an up to date record of their completed Registry-approved training sessions. 

Why is this Necessary?
Currently, completed Registry-approved training sessions are added to a member’s account once per year upon their renewal with The Nevada Registry. This means that for a period of up to twelve months, members do not have current training and professional development records on file. Even then, accounts are only updated with completed training records if the individual includes it with their renewal paperwork. Once this new feature launches, neither of these two facts will remain true. An added benefit to having data that are more current on file is that Child Care Licensing surveyors will be able to more easily verify whether the requirements for annual training hours have been met. 

What to Expect
In preparation for the launch of the new attendance tracking feature, the attendance/sign-in sheet has been updated to start collecting the information needed to enter attendance into the system. You will notice this when you click on the pre-populated attendance sheets from within your approval confirmation emails and when downloading a pre-populated attendance sheet from within your trainer portal. Going forward, all that is needed is the individual’s name, Registry ID number and email address – all three of these fields are required. Please be sure that your training attendees are providing this information at every training. Current place of employment is collected just in case we need to cross-check information as part of the verification process, but it is not required. The Nevada Registry will be conducting very intentional outreach and marketing to our members about the upcoming feature to help familiarize them with the process and to ensure they know their Registry ID number (easily found within their Online Portal) and why it is now required when signing into Registry-approved training sessions. 

Next Steps
Registry staff have extensively tested the attendance-tracking feature but we want to be sure that everything is working as expected before we launch it to all approved trainers and sponsoring agencies currently entering training sessions for approval. The new attendance sheet will be in circulation for the remainder of the year. Volunteers will be solicited from our current approved trainer pool to help complete our external testing in early 2020. Once that phase of testing is complete, the new feature will be launched and “live” data tracking for our mutual stakeholders will begin. Written instructions and a video tutorial will be available to support you as you learn how to use the new feature. 

We understand this will be a new process for you as a trainer, but are certain you will agree that this is a huge benefit to your training attendees and to our members – who, in most instances, are one in the same! Not only does tracking attendance this way more accurately capture training as it is completed, it also helps us collect data about training access, frequency and usage on a statewide basis. We hope you are as excited as we are about this new feature and the added benefit it brings to your training attendees.

More information will be available in the coming months, but please feel free to contact our office with any questions. 

New Attendance/Sign-In Sheet