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Trainers Going Above and Beyond

New health and safety training requirements went in to effect as of February 1, 2018, requiring additional training in the topics of Building and Physical Premises Safety, Emergency Preparedness, Medication Administration, Shaken Baby Syndrome and Transportation Safety. 

As you’ve probably discovered, training in the new topics is not readily available at this time. However, The Nevada Registry has been working diligently to get these training sessions developed, approved and available to the Early Childhood community as quickly as possible. We are currently working with CCEI to develop online courses that will be available by the end of the month. Additionally, we have reached out to approved trainers who are eligible to deliver training in one or more of the new topics with an invitation to design training using the established content training objectives recently developed with assistance from the TAS Advisory Workgroup.  

We are proud to say that several trainers have accepted our invitation and are making it happen! In just one short week, we were able to approve eight face-to-face Shaken Baby Syndrome training sessions, eight face-to-face Medication Administration training sessions and three new online training courses in Emergency Preparedness, Building/Physical Premises Safety and Transportation Safety. A big shout out goes to Diane Heiseler (Las Vegas), Christy Pacini (Elko) and Theresa Vadala with Child Care Training Consultants (Las Vegas) for stepping up to the plate to help fill the gap. We appreciate you taking the lead and helping to ensure training is available to meet the professional development needs of ECE professionals in Nevada. 

Looking for training?
Face-to-face CCDBG health and safety training can be found under the dropdown menu on the Training Calendar. Online courses can be found under the Online and Distance Learning Organizations dropdown list. Be sure to check back often. Training will become increasingly more available with each passing day!