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New Trainer Criteria - Questions and Answers

A trainer qualification and approval criteria process has been developed as part of a new and improved training approval system slated to roll out in January 2017. From this point forward, all individuals wishing to conduct Registry-approved training to the Early Childhood (ECE) community in Nevada are subject to the new criteria and are required to apply to qualify as an approved trainer, regardless of whether he/she was previously registered as a trainer with The Nevada Registry in the past.

While the new and improved system is scheduled to officially launch in just a few short weeks (Target Date: January 9, 2017), the application process will be opened up to currently registered trainers on a very limited basis within the next week. This "soft" launch will allow currently registered trainers with scheduled training in January to initiate the trainer qualification process, and if approved as a trainer, submit January training events for approval. An announcement will be made on the For Trainers page of the website and on the blog when the application process is open.  The Registry's standard two-week submission policy will be waived during our soft launch. Currently registered trainers who do not have training scheduled in January, as well as individuals interested in becoming a trainer for the first time, will be invited to submit a trainer application after the official launch of the new system in January.

A dedicated question and answer page has been created to help individuals prepare for the upcoming changes. The Trainer Criteria Q&A page provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the new criteria and approval process received to date. Whether you are a previously-registered trainer, or an individual interesting in qualifying as an approved trainer for the first time, this information will help you prepare for the trainer application process. Please feel free to contact our office if you need more information and/or have additional questions not addressed on the Q&A page.

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