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New Trainer Criteria and Qualification Process - What to Expect

Excitement is building about the upcoming trainer criteria and qualification process, which is Phase 1 of a new and improved training approval system designed to create better outcomes for children. As mentioned in previous communications to registered trainers, the Registry team has been hard at work developing this new system and making sure that each new piece of the new application process is ready for launch by January 2017.

We are aware that trainers have already begun scheduling training for the month of January and are anxiously awaiting the signal to apply to become an approved trainer and begin submitting trainings for approval.  To ensure that training scheduled for January is approved and posted as quickly as possible, the Registry will initiate a “soft” launch mid-December by opening up the trainer application to currently registered and active trainers only

NEW trainer applications will not be accepted during the month of December. Instead, anyone who is not currently a registered trainer, but who would like to apply to qualify as an approved trainer under the new criteria, will be invited to do so beginning in January after the new system officially launches. 

Keep your eyes on your email, the Registry blog, and the “For Trainers” page of the website for an official announcement when the system is open for submitting an application for trainer approval.

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